Vladimir Astachine


Engage in artificial intelligence from latest seventies. For understanding essention and functions of intellect has study philosophy, mathematical logic, algebraic geometry, molecular and neuron structure, frame and blackboard architecture, general AI-literature and languages: English, German. Fundamental knowledge in computer science obtain in high education. Have considerable experience, creative and inventive power in industrial, economic applications of AI.


1985 - 1987 Work in department of CIM mashing building factory. Inventing nonlinear mechanisms and its controlling for robot. System questions of manufacturing.

1987 - 1989 Development in technological institute expert system for design and manadegement of material, technology and equipment of printed board circuit.

1989 - 1993 Work in integrated circuit design firm - Science Research Institute of Microelectronics. Development and introducing AI-software and database in design of digital and analog circuit, knowledge-based and pattern recognition analyzer of huge VHDL-project.

1995 - 1995 Continue develop knowledge-based and pattern recognition analyzer of -project in SRI "Integral".

1994 - CURRENT Develop project AI_NANO concerning strong version AI, nanotechnology, organisation R&D. (Also: medicine systems, navigation systems, etc)


1982 - 1989 Moscow Institute of Electronic Mashing Building at department Computer Systems on profession system designer.


Age 60.

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