Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology
in the Context of Russian Idea


This work considers the following questions:

Why I study artificial intelligence ?

What artificial intelligence is ?

What artificial intelligence will give us ?

The AI and nanotechnology are principally aimed at radical reconstruction of human life; in the field of engineering they operate the most fundamental ideas: appearance, work and development of Intelligence/Life (IL).

These problems have deep roots in the Russian thinking, they have been reflected in the works of Russian classical writers, both as separate ideas and whole works. The works of "Russian guru" are now read as technological essays dedicated to the problem of IL [1,1]. Levsha who shoed a flea has the right to be called the first nanotechnologist.

The fact that the technology absorb aspects of the spiritual world draws it out of the sphere of habitual control systems and stabilization; a new security and social energetics paradigm is required.

Purpose of project: from CD-planning to molecular constructiing of life.

Brief definitions of
the basic concepts

RUSSIAN IDEA - spiritual forming part of the Russian people, the land on which it dwells, and its economy. There are two expression of the Russian Idea:

Holy  Russia    

Evil Empire    

FORCE - essence which makes the matter living.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - scientific and technological aspects of the evolutionary task of man: creation of new life/mind.

NANOTECHNOLOGY - the concluding stage of the opening up of the material world by man. (Unification of nanotechnology, system solutions of AI, computer adaptation of philosophical texts, methods of work with the Force of Tradition is the basis for man's creation of IL and beginning of non-linear evolution).

CRITICAL MOMENT 1995 - 2005. Existence and direction of development of mankind will be determined.

GOOD LIGHT: America, the West are for Russia - strategically, culturally, historically, technologically.

Forms of Created Life.

Corpuscular Body.

A corpuscular body is created by nanotechnology. Life appears thanks to actualization of endless memory of corpuscles-atoms and aimed Force.

"And now, from the clay of the ground, the Lord God formed man, breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and made of man a living person" [Gen. 2:4, B3]. Comment: "Clay" (Jewish "afar", dust) - synonym of all small, humiliated" [B3, 1854].

"The world suddenly or not suddenly got lit, became known in all its most minor parts, whether it will be clear to us, what particles were friends to each other for a minute, in what house or organism they were guests together, or of what whole they were part, belonging". N.Fedorov [1,2,76]. ("But your dead will live, their bodies will rise again. Those who sleep in the earth will awake and shout for joy; for your dew is a dew of sparkling light, and the earth will bring those long dead to birth again" [Is. 26:19])

"Who did not think all life long about what is being expounded, hardly can he imagine the sensual adventures of atom...", "... there is no atom which did not participate innumerable times in the higher animal life. So, being part of atmosphere or soil of planets, it sometimes comes to the brain of higher beings. Then it lives their lives and feels happiness of conscious and cloudless existence". K.Tsiolkovsky [1,4,274-276].

"... suddenly great curiosity captured Vadim - what exactly happens later to molecule of life which returned to itself: whether it conserves when gone to profundity if not sensual, visual reminiscence of what had been, but at lest a small, mute grain of sunlight..." L.Leonov [2,3,36].

"It (nanotechnology - A.V.) most likely will be able to synthesize structures capable of self-development, and will start the secondary evolution" [1T, 49] "Th variety of electronic states (and memory of atom - A.V.) and electron-nucleus interactions in atoms of any heavy element is so wide, that each of them can in principle serve as base for an information system which will be much more complicated than the modern transputers. Moreover, many other remarkable effects - Mossbauer effect, Young - Teller effect, nuclear photoeffect, acoustic nuclear resonance (besides: quantum non-locality, torsion fields etc. - A.V.) and others as if supplies our atomic transputer with unprecedented receivers, which open to our "atomic transputers" various possibilities of direct reception of different signals from the outer world, their analysis and fantastically exact measurings" [1T, 50].

"Fantastically exact measurings", needed as aim and tool of NT, probably can be obtained in certain meditative practices: "... true consciousness will establish, and then the body will function in entirely different manner from it used to. I can foresee its supernatural exactness and absolutely different order" [6,30]. The fable about Levsha who shoed a flee speaks of obtaining exactness with a prayer.

The evolutionary metamorphosis of human body in the NT scenario are presented in the following way:

In case of NT variant of creation of IL the question of security, as well as principally new strategic scenarios of the forthcoming events, gains special importance.

"Incompatibility of the essence of spirit and clay (Biblical clay or modern silicon semiconductor technology - A.V.) will lead in the end to a catastrophe". [2,1,6]


Many layers in AI, the work of philosophical and physical categories in AI can be traced using a example of a simple transendental vision of an apple: "the first level - an apple with a leaf attached (TISSUE, FLESH [16], MATTER [5], [6], in AI technogenous substance), the second layer of consciousness - an apple, but the leaf exists separately this time, as some substance close; the third layer - an apple in cross section, grains can be seen; the forth layer looks like technical graphics, the apple resembles a cramp (IDEA, SYMBOL, GEOMETRY, SCHEME OF INTELLIGENCE, GEOMETRY OF INTELLIGENCE/GEOMETRY OF THOUGHT - A.V.), inside which there is a four-petalled structure of the Divine, a sign of extension of race.." [25,2,20]

A cramp which encircles the Divine element of life can serve as a symbol of infinite analytic approximation to the essence of life (v. [39]).

Both corpuscular and plasma-radial bodies for "encouragement" will probably use psychotronic generators (PG) [10T], [15T,2], based on "ideologic quality" of torsion field (TF): its ability to connect the physical world with intellect and the own potential intellectual capacity of the TF [15]

The torsion field forms the structure and the memory of the space as non-linear differential operators with local boundary terms, determined by the geometry of the PG. The global boundary terms are probably determined by astrological data [Gen. 14:1, B3], [Chizhevsky]. A field of determined configuration, its evolutionary way is implanted into the generator by man [10T]. The field inside the generator is probably quanted up to spot atoms of IL [1,6,363], [5], [6]

The esoteric literature has thoroughly studied the problem of cyclicalness (and cycle morphisms), both cosmological and ontological. This cyclicalness and resonances might be realized also in the PG, and some large cycle determines appearance of AI.

The most simple scale of cycles: God's sleep - 20 billion years (the age of our Universe); the planet's sleep (?); sleep between different incarnations of man - 150 - 200 years in the past [3], [25]; 3 - 4 years now [25]; man's sleep - 8 hours; alpha rhythm of brain 0.15 (?) sec.; acoustic signal/mantra: duration 1 minute, frequency 0.7 (?) kHz; frequency of oscillations in a living cell makes a few teraherz; supposed physical elements of intelligence - Planck's constant 10 -33. [15T]

Mature systemotechnics, from length dimension to non-linear differential equations has been constructed in [7T]. There exists a sophisticated algebraic-geometrical theory of continentual structures and operators [16T]. This system has wide conceptional horizon from complicated mathematical sophistries to intellectual entry into the existence of atom, and is now gradually passing from quantum-mechanical speculations to the theory of intellectual structures [15T,1].

"Probable the final secrets of existence of the elementary units will be revealed to us one day by means of deeper intervention into the depth of the brain, because it is the brain that is completion and crown of the most complicated reactions in our part of the Universe, ant there is no doubt that it contains the most profound laws of this part". [21,2,47]

  1. Some immobile concentration of the intelligence perceiving the information from the world [2,3,76-77];
  2. A sophisticated dynamic machine in the style of the virtual reality (movie Terminator-2);
  3. Essence taken separately from its material shell and imaginable mechanisms of the activity of thinking.

The evolutionary role of AI.

  1. In case of non-linear evolution the man will develop unbelievably fast. Will then be solved "the tricky question to the Creator: why he initiated the game when made man?" [2,1,18]
  2. There are reasons for fear that when PG is used for AI, the tissue of new IL will possibly be destroyed on local or global level: . the sphere of its (angel and PG - A.V.) competence can include only the world of psychology, the medium world, while the purely spiritual world of Heaven as well as all spheres of the true metaphysics remain closed for it" [30,154] Now, according to the current data [10T] intellectual influence of physical machinery upon mind is analogic to the influence of psychotropic preparations.

Karma [24], [25]

In the NT scenario of evolution the technology deals with the essence of mechanisms of event determination (karma): "Weightless threads of logical circumstances grow through one another forming the body of a material phenomenon". [2,3,285]

Karma, as well as IL, is an ontological problem.

At the extreme the technogenous problems of karma mingle with the problems of AI and arise as transformation of the Universe as a whole organism/karmical machine.

Since the memory of an atom is limitless, the capacity of memory is not a problem, but there arises vital necessity of permanent willful work in cleaning the memory (karma). "Too much ash and soot of he past has piled up in the blood and memory of men, and also useless slag notes in the convolutions of brains". [2,3,70]

The methods of cleaning the memory have developed in the traditionary doctrines: "A warrior must use his will and his patience in order to forget". [29,125]


Plasma-radial body


"In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it" [John 1:4 - 5, B3].

How a body would consist only of light, how "backbones of energy vortexes, mysteriously drawn into the work of physical laws realizing general balance" [2] would form - the theory of torsion fields [10T], [15T] might help us imagine.

It is far easier to imagine corpuscular skeleton of an organism and its plasma-radial fraction. In this case we cut off the whole layer of purely radial Existence, but we conserve the request of bodily life realization. "The structure of discrete substantial subsystem of organism as if "freezes" the biopsyfield in itself, makes it "concrete", and shapes a biopsyphenomenon in it, for the second time initiating structural formation by its intervention". [1,6,359]

"... the brain passes from arithmetic to analog state during outbursts of ecstasy. It becomes light. It lives as a not understood phenomenon, appears together with it, cognizes it". [21,2,388] (emphasized by V.A.).

Element, atom of this kind of life: "And each one of these "things" (I cannot call them particles or splinters, not even points, if we should not take points in their mathematical sense - points which occupy no room) was like resuscitated gold: speckled with warm light; I cannot say it was bright or intensive, it was not at all shining: mass of minute golden points and nothing but them. It was fantastically self-filled, full of power and warmth!" [6,75]

"That the sun shines to man from outside is the eternal reminder that men, like all things of the world, are by themselves in eternal darkness, they have no inner light radiation. The sun must be inside the man - Center of the cosmos, the man himself must be sun of the world, around which everything rotates: Logos-Sun - in the man himself must shine. But the sun is inside the man, and the man is in darkness." N.Berdyaev [13,3,175]

"As he was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became as bright as a flash of lightning". [Luke, 9:29]

"For the Son of Man in his day will be like the lightning, which flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other". [Luke, 17:24]

of "The Pyramid" [2]

(status of warning)

Let me quote several fragments from "The Pyramid" which indicate the status of warning in this work:

"Unrealizable theme as large as the sky and as capacious as epilogue for the Apocalypse. I had to specify the tragic scheme of what is behind the scenes and the cosmic cycles of the great Existence" [2,1,10].

"The said professor (Shatanitsky/Wurst - A.V.) published in magazines difficult but still horrifyingly penetrating reviews of the next and still invisible realities of the universe" [2,1,14].

"Mistrustful easiness of the audience granted (that of "Leonid Maximovich" and professor Shatanitsky) so that my pen stated publicly the tricky question by him transported by the eternity - why to star the game with man?" [2,1,18]

"Judging by your handwriting, namely you could manage a sensible, in the Pathmos genre, reporting about the misfortunes waiting for us if we do not take opportunely precautions of self-protection" [2,1,91]; (v. also [21,2,362]").

Spirit Spectrum of technogenous intelligence in "The Pyramid"

From: "iron minds at a cannery" [2,3,185] (cla-a-assical!)

to: "true miracle, credulous and defenseless and meek, and, what is more, charmingly regal" [2,3,76]


Birth of life/intelligence

"He was awestruck and said, 'How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; it is the gateway to heaven!" [Gen. 28:17, B3]
Life as attribute of God, "Living God" [Deut. 5:26], [Joshua. 3:10], [Jer. 10:10], [Dan. 6:20,26], [Os. 1:10], [Matt. 26:63], [Acts 14:15], [Romans 9:26], [Thess. 1:9], [1 Tim. 16:22,27:16], [Jews 3:12, 9:14, 10:31, 12:22], [Rev. 7:2]; "God of the spirits of all mankind" [Num. 16:22, 27:16]; "For with you is the fountain of life" [Ps. 36:10] - [B3]

"So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow" [1 Cor. 3:7, B1].

Nicolai Berdyaev:
"For Christian consciousness the creative revelation that the purpose of the man and the world is to create what has never been, to amend and enrich the God's creature has not been known yet" [1,3,117].

Vasily Rozanov:
"And if this (sex and propagation - A.V.) is a mystery and aged mystery, then let me please divide it, as any mystery, into "here" and "there", the earthly and the OVEREARTHLY, the ordinary and the MIRACULOUS, the rational and the mystical, the human and the... divine? demonic?" [16,4,86]. "With a philological riddle is a metaphysical riddle solved: "bara Elohim" is evidently to be translated as "created Couple" (mystical Pythagorean "Duality")... as is here masculine basis and feminine one, so "there" in the structure of the stars probably, in the constitution of light, in ether, in magnetism, in electricity is and is "the tender", "the compassionate" [16,4,87].
"An owl eats up a hare - no God in it. No God of harmony and goodness... Like a yearning father who is looking at his little baby from "the different" and wants to correct and is unable to correct" [16,1,425].

Leonid Leonov:
"And the grief of theirs (gods - A.V.) is that by the idea of miracle (a divine act, as opposed to human and natural actions - A.V.) simutaneity of project and realization is stipulated, or the initial moment of imagination coincides with the act of consciousness, all intermediate stages left... hence we see how lone they are, how unhappy and powerless in their terrible might" [2,3,137].

Fyodor Dostoevsky:
"GOD took SEEDS FROM OTHER WORLDS AND PLANTED ON THIS EARTH and grew the garden of His, and sprouted all that could sprout, but the grown lives and is alive only with the feeling of being attached to other mysterious worlds; if weakens or dies this feeling in you, then altogether dies what has been grown in you. Then you will become indifferent to life and will even hate it" [16,6,37].

Stages of the development
of intelligence/life

Technological chain of approach to the problem of creation of IL, preceding, if the Lord lets, to engineering entering the operational space of Steiner:

Mental layers
of man [3,13 - 20]

"May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ" [1 Thess. 5:23, B3] (emphasized by A.V.)

Bodily member:

Soul member of "Ego":

Spiritual member:

Self-spirit - astral body conquered by Ego and transformed by the man (through meditation and life experience)

Life-spirit - vitality penetrated by the activity of Ego

Man-spirit - the supreme spiritual organ of man; it works on the physical body, connecting Ego with what is concealed spirit of this body

There is a testimony about parallel worlds in which various man's plans are being; there are 33 of them [25,2,14].

(centers of consciousness) [5,53-54]


  1. Above head - manages the mind thinking, communicates with superior mental spheres: illumed mind, intuitive mind etc.


  1. Between eyebrows - manages will and dynamic of the mental activity, also center of keen sight "third eye".
  2. At throat level - manages the forms of the mental expression.

Vital centers

  1. At heart level - manages the emotional life (love, hatred etc.)
  2. At umbilicus level - manages impulses of imperiousness, possession, subdual.
  3. Between umbilicus and sexual center - manages jealosy, envy, lust, greed, wrath.
  4. At the basement of spine - manages the physical substance and sexual impulses, is exposed to the lower regions of the subconscious (the main information center in the physical body of man [25,2,298]).

"At the next stage of transformation Sri Aurobindo foresees replacement of the work of our organs by dynamic functioning of our centers of consciousness - chakras" [5,261].

Cosmological phases

"The members of human nature (physical body, life body, astral body, the bearer of "Ego" - V.A.) are in diverse relations with the whole Universe. And their development is connected with the development of this Universe. Considering this development, we can penetrate into the deeper secrets of living being" [3,37].

"The physical planet of Earth has developed from the spiritual of the world; and everything which is materially connected with this planet of Earth has condensed out of what had been connected with it spiritually" [3,38].

The development of man has been gradual in different incarnations of the planets. In each incarnation of a planet various spirits worked at the development of nature and man, developing and determining the qualities of man.

"The God's plan is realized by a hierarchy of mighty spirits, similar to Him; everyone of them is responsible for his own Galaxy, star, planet, element etc." [7,15].

Man passed certain stages of physical realization on some planet, then went over the spiritual state ("universal sleep") and woke up for new higher physical realization. From this point of view it is possible that the current critical moment is start of passing from the Earth to the Venus.

Events have complicated cyclical structure, enclosures of cycles, intersection, symbolic reflection, homomorphisms in different cycles and levels of Existence etc. etc.

Here comes the sequence of planetary realizations of man: Saturn (formation of the physical body), Sun (formation of the life body), Moon (astral body), Earth (the time being - including the Ego in the body), Venus (future - now incomprehensible).

As we are mainly interested in the moment of origin of the IL, let us consider in details the formation of man only in the epoch of Saturn and the factors of the time being.

Saturn [3,42-48]

Saturn started as warmth

(understood naively, intuitively, spiritual; probably like this was intuition of Max Plank in physics, like this are images of physical and chemical processes in semiconductor technology [20T], here also are inexhaustible resources of classical computing in three-dimension semiconductor structures - V.A.)

and developed to embryos of the physical body of man with "machine-like expressions of personality".

The spirits worked constantly, but at different stages some spirits played the main roles.

Spirits of Wisdom (Supremacies in the Christian literature) inserted into the matter the capability of reflecting the life of spirits (let us think it over: "capability of reflecting").

Spirits of Will (Thrones) flew their "will" formed by the Spirits of Wisdom. The result is "quality of reflecting life in heavenly space").

Spirits of Movement (Forces) - filled the reflected life with qualities proper to astral bodies of the "Spirits of Life".

Spirits of Form (Powers) divide the life of the Saturn into separate living beings.

Spirits of Fire (Archangels) "They cannot say to themselves "I am", but they say approximately the following: "What surrounds me lets me be". Something like man's dream is formed. Embryos of human senses are inserted.

Spirits of Love (Seraphim) contemplate the processes on the Saturn, passing them as images over the Spirits of Fire. It is important that they do not use "delight and joy" of the contemplation, giving everything to the Spirits of Fire.

Sons of Twilight of Life (Angels) insert life inside (the fleshiness) of the Saturn.

Spirits of Harmony (Cherubim) supply the "Sons of Life" with sort of vague consciousness, like dreamless sleep of a man, or consciousness of plants. This consciousness manages the life processes (so called "reason of cells" or "physical reason"? [5], [6]).

And the end of all metamorphosis, the Realm of Messiah, is gifted to both kings [Num. 27:18 - 23], [Deut. 34:9], (ref: [19]) and artisans for making sanctuary [Exodus 31:3], [Exodus 28:3, B3] (emphasized by A.V.)):

"On him the Spirit of the Lord will rest:

a spirit of wisdom and understanding,

a spirit of counsel and power,

a spirit of knowledge and fear of the Lord;" [Is. 11:2, B3]


This chapter contains thoughts indicating factors of the breaking point in the development of man as a species. These factors, which (probably) are catalyzers of technology, will determine in the nearest 20 or 30 years the existence of man.

From the point of view of philosophy or fighting skills, the breaking point, one of the numerous existentials (duel), is neither worse nor more horrible than the others.

Factors of the moment


Ousting of man as a species (intellectual and biological) into ecological recess [1T,49].

"... probably the old lady (nature - A.V.) has already an eye to other favorites, more pleasant than we" [2,3,19].

"Lately it seems and seems behind as if the new dwellers are looking out of chinks, maybe getting to know the room, but when I turn with a bit of cold thrill..." [2,3,19].

"God said, 'Let the earth bring forth living creatures, according to their various kinds: cattle, creeping things, and wild animals, all according to their various kinds'. ... and he saw that it was good" [Gen. 1:24 - 25].

"... and she gave birth to her Firstborn, a Son. She wrapped Him in cloths and placed Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn" [Luke 2:7].

"And do not think you can say to yourselves, 'We have Abraham as our father'. I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham. The axe is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire" [Matt. 3:9 - 10 B3]

Loss of control over technology [1T,61], [25,2,269 - 345]

Breach of the structure of the Universe:

  1. with accelerated fascicles [18,59]
  2. "access to (intellectual - A.V.) areas mined from above" [2,1,20]
  3. "putting out the biological tuning of the whole existence" [2,3,58] "of the most secretive in it (nature - A.V.), of that whose roots go deep into cell, into the meaning of biological constants, into the origins of time" [2,2,188].
  4. Removal of "intricate safety devices from self-exploding mysteries" [2,3,58].
  5. Receding of life on the Earth to "more than one step down" [2,2,83].

Defeat of social groups (laboratory, department, state...) which have made any kind of mistakes in researches in the sphere of psychotronics [25,2,302]

Loss of the species similarity of man as result of technological works on the genotype of man [25,2,292], [21,2,461 - 479]

Transformation while passing from one world to another is "sudden and harsh" [30,105]


complete solution of the problem of production [18], butfor "new race worth everlasting living in that oasis of eternal idleness" [2,3,30]

change of principles of influence/interaction of both physical and social life [19], [6]

"other Quality of Existence obtained as result of Substantial transformation of consciousness" [19,41]

"He who really can, does not know compulsory authority, he does not need it..." [19,48]

"heaviness, consistency, inertness, immobility are something INTRODUCED - these are not natural qualities, they are false matter, that we imagine and sense, but not the true matter as it is" [6,113]

new kind of perception/engagement (connection, computing, informatics) in the Universum [6], 15T]

new energetics [6], [10T] (started already, when in 1987 cold nuclear synthesis was discovered [34])

Brief history ofcomputer

4.2. Abacus - compasses

Here "Blood and mysticism of blood collide with spirit and idealism of the "immaculately Conceived" Rosanoff [16,6,190]

Postulate: for obtaining intelligence the machine must be continual or, technically speaking, "analogous".

The words "analog", "symbolic", "interpreter" used in computer science are gradually taking all the semantic burden of millennia of mankind.

The brilliant John von Neumann at the dawn of the electronic computer so defined the system paradigm of the computer machinery: "mathematics in the theory of automatic machines should begin with mathematical logic and move toward analysis, law of probability, and thermodynamics" [3T,48].

"Biopsyfield, from our point of view, appeared in the depths of this reality as some wholesome primary perturbation, but not as some discretely complicated state. That is why, like substance, biopsyfield has specific structure, specific for its continentuality (as distinct from quasi-continentuality, i.e. contact continuity, namely of quantum physical fields" [1,6,335].

The origins of difference between discrete and continentual approaches to computers are reflected in compasses and abacus. While compasses and ruler caused flows of cosmic energy and connected man with cosmos through drawn figures - circle, triangle, rhombus, sacral architectural forms, abacus, counting frame plunged man into his inner world. The problems of practical extreme computations were and are now solved using inner resources of gifted calculators of ancient Egypt and Wall-street.

Symbol calculations, operating the incognizable elements, were sphere of action of magic and are out of this classification, but after computers appeared, all three approaches unite [21,383 - 401].

During 50 years of computer development on the abacus way, there has been worked out infrastructure and technology of communication and computations, which has tied the whole world. Nevertheless essentially all these are gigantic tautologies, protocols of data exchange connecting processes under empty shell. (The term "non-von Neumann machine" reflects "gratitude" of the descendants, in whose eyes Planck did not understand what heat is, Poincare lacked intelligence for understanding theory of relativity, von Neumann was a mediocre machine constructor.)

Let us mark the important points:

Diapason of calculating power of mashins

Turing's machine

Turing's machine is a theoretical model of the most elementary computing systems (like a matchbox) as well as of a mathematician of Indian kind, who perceives and manipulates huge numerical and symbol expression. In any case there is an endless symbol environment with its topology and algebraic laws, and a reader head travelling in this universum (up to mechanical movements like it is in von Neumann's machines [22T]).

Function|potention of READING:

A. According to Steiner's genesis is given by the highest Spirits of Wisdom, then come Spirits of Will who pour their will (i.e. program?), then follow Spirits of Movement.

B. In computer science the same is structured as quality of "bodily symbol machine" (physical symbol system) - act of recognition (production, atom of logic conclusion). All technology of AI (alas) consists of productions, processing of lists, processing of associations (patterns? - A.V.) [23T,108].

C. Physical concept, containing the factor of consciousness and, consequently, recognition (and decision), as one of the fundamental acts of the physical world/consciousness [15T,1]:

"Certainty, uniqueness of the world requires existence of some selecting principle, cutting the whole world into that which "is", and that which only could be. Then this commensurate to "the whole world" consciousness is the actual source of the time and its laws. Moving of the world is moving of this global consciousness" [15T,1,24].

D. In the epoch of so called "radio-electronics" description of a machine was mostly field and not local, the problem of the essence of the machine's geometry and, more widely taking, geometry was concealed. With nanotechnology the reading function is again recognized as a fundamental problem.

E. Absolutely black body --- Turing's machine---Thermodynamics --- Information theory

F. On the one hand - a symbol, in the aura of man's feelings and thoughts, a mechanism warmed and adapted by man, on the other hand - the machine's intelligence - das Nicht, Nothing invading the mechanism and separating it from the man. The problem was humanitarily analyzed by Heidegger. This is a link of a chain basic for AI: Kant - Husserl - Heidegger.

An algorithmic machine is at the same time a logical machine. Though logic is interpreted in terms of algebraic systems, the possibility of denotation, linguistic possibilities make it wider than mathematics. A radical question of the logic to itself was at once put before the machine and remains the same: "Can a machine think?"

We should also mention the problem of identity of discrete denotant and continentual models, and magic connection between of a continentual, analog model and its object.

"The law of conformity is a true basis for any system of symbols and unites all worlds in one whole" [37,129 grammatically modified].

Insertion of the effect of non-locality of an event (according to some suppositions, one of the basic qualities of the brain activity) to Turing's machine makes each quantum of the Universum a reading tip - event generator (Tensors of Kron's systemotechnics? A holographic model of intellect?), and makes Turing's machine continentual. Nonstandard analysis can serve as mathematical apparatus for such a theory.

Tensor Turing's machine may occupy all space imaginable [21,2,453]. Will such a machine become karma and/or reasonable?

"... including of these functions, this continitual electronic brain requires a thousand times as complicated and delicate mode of action as in transmission from sleep to being awake" [21,2,390].

What is desired of computers
... and what seems so easily accessible

"In thoughts there is inserted some inner essence connected with super-sensual world. Inside the soul one thought adjoins another, one thought seeks another, even in case when such combination of thoughts is not caused by the inner life. The world of thoughts has its inner life. While thinking, we are in the sphere of super-sensual living power. Something constructs the organism of thoughts, pure thinking, as an essence living in itself" [3,99 conspectus].

It is probable that Redi's principle "living from living" [1,5] spreads also over thought: "If we were able all by ourselves to create at least one simple thing, let it be a most minute thing, we would be creators of the world!" [5,46]

In virtue of this principle requirements applicable to thinking machines decrease radically; in this case they may begin with resonators, i.e. PG [31,98 - 112]. But this fact does not put away the scientific task of AI - understanding of (mechanism of) origin of thought and managing intellectual generators.

From the technical point of view it is interesting, how completely the functional style of programming, associative memory (on which dynamic-analog processing of patterns of logical space is realized), symbol structures (i.e. LISP-machine [19]) now represent the symbol skeleton of intelligence and possess the given additiveness, attraction of thoughts to each other (the notorious problem of self-organization and self-development, which has not moved from standstill within 20 years, in spite of very high refinement in software).

Minimal computer

This machine is characterized by 32 kilobyte operative memory (16 typed pages, personal electronic computer of the first generation, or basis of industrial revolution - 8-bit microprocessor.).

The task of institutisation of AI is solved with solutions of simple problems: recognition of three-dimensional bodies, class of problems, situation in labyrinth. Due to some ununderstandable reasons, formulation of problems has not reached the intellectual level of traditional sciences - mathematical/magical combinatorial analysis, physical model of interaction of bodies/elements etc.

In engineering approach, with massive financing and maximal computer power, strictly formulated task, methods of starting AI gave practical results, for instance, recognition of warships of territory by a missile. On this basis refined phenomenological methods (of so called Knowledge Base, KB), closed materially and ideologically for export grew.

KB, logically expanding Cosmos, mythology are an ancient kind of intellectual activity. The closest to technical paradigm KB is the sacred book of Cabbala Sefer Ecira - Creation Book [32,417 - 424] containing, besides purely logical expansion of the world, also linguistical - phonetic - acoustic - physical and arithmetical skeletons of Existence and correspondingly ways of serving and processing them. (It is remarkable that the text size of Sefer Ecira is adequate to the size of a minimal computer.)

The experience of programming says that if it were possible to describe in programming nucleus of intellect or element of intellect, it could be done on a minimal computer and in the LISP language. Thus was formulated the programming problem, not solved during decades, but the size of programming code of experimental systems constantly grew [9T], [13T], [21T], [22T], and different kinds of ontological systems. "Ontological", as the gradient of intellectual cognition, in comparison with works of Frege or Wittgenstein, is infinitesimal. Excluding of the infinity from consideration deprives the problem of its own Cosmos, while mathematics does very well without AI.

Resume: Following the principle "Allah acbar" even on lamp devices it is possible to construct AI getting a correspondent lotion in the algorithm theory.

Extrem computing mashin

Extrem computing mashin (ECM)is essentially national computer, in which all the nation's potentials are laid, both in spiritual sphere and in production; it is becoming more and more considerable component of national resources. In fact, in ECM spiritual sphere and production flow together.

Stuart R. Hameroff. ULTIMATE COMPUTING. Biomolecular Consciousness and NanoTechnology

United States of America

Top-secret National Security Agency can be an example of ECM. "We measure computers in acres", was a popular joke in NSA.

ECM is a considerable component of national resources. The USA is the only country in the world which for DECADES disposes of tens of instrumental systems of AI and full-text DB for mainframes and large complexes of very large machines; thousands of corporative and state users of KB and full-text DB, largest DB; tens of thousands of active users of KB who take important decisions; tens of thousands of engineers-developers, analysts, strategists of KB who have years of experience in projecting knowledge bases, immense information space accessible for free citizens through high speed computer networks.

Though it is impossible materially to follow the informatization way passed by the US, but it is urgent to fill some information blanks of strategic importance. If we published in Russian translation the works of Conference of American Association on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) of the last 10 years, it would be an important step toward restoring to life the Russian line in the computer development and overcoming idiocy.
   DARPA-Russian Dictionary
   DARPA Questionary


At the same time in the USSR there has formed a system aimed at neutralization of the social factor of the computing machinery (creative potentials of the people, perception of new information fields, "intellectualization" of industry) and cretinization of the computer science. This tendency had its apotheosis in disability to create simple PC-keyboard, using all the country's efforts, with hundreds of science-research institutes,design offices, and self-murdering inertness of production of the stolen monster IBM-360. In the country there has formed a firm system of self-desinformation in taking state decisions, also fed by the American system of science-technical desinformation.


The question of the fate ofECM in Russia lies in the depths of the Russian Idea. From the final point of view - transformed existence is dialectically an absolute computing and new paradigm of computing [6] (but who would eliminate the arithmetic row?).

In this chapter we will consider ONLY engineering premises of development of ECM in Russia.

For computers this question was by will of Providence in the USA: surplus of capital for investments, innovation energy of the market, respect to every citizen's right to property, including intellectual property.

Key words here are:


For Russia key words are:


The capital (financial/political) in Russia is brutal ("very sharp" - E.Saburov), human body and dignity are suppressed as having no value and protection. When these qualities increase, Russia will fall under genocide. The Bible says of such people: "You need not fear the people of the country, for we shall devour them. They have lost the protection they had" [Num. 14:9, B2]. There are more than enough people from the South who want to carry out this genocide and throw Russia into Arctic.

The infrastructure of personnel and technics in the current scientific and technological development of Russia, its history COMPLETELY eliminates solution of national problems with massive investments "for science".

The very last example of biblical blinding of God's undesired armies [4 Kings 6:8 - 23] - successful mystification connected with the American expedition to the Moon [35]. 1000 generals for 10 years could not (for 10 years did not want) notice they had been deceived. The result - ideological hole, loss of leadership in space investigations. I even may not mention the planetary-personal drama of Joseph Stalin's resources, described by Victor Suvorov in "The Ice-Breaker" in "Day M", Boris Godunov's fight against hunger.

The solution lies in inextensive technologies, providentially expected freeing of the spiritual forces of the Russian people.

Let us mark some points:

A. The right to weapon and its perfect using, the art of fight. The paradox of Russia is that those who fertilize, are being attacked, consequently gunless businessmen, engineers, farmers unable to discuss properly situation, will without nay doubt be falled. (Or, if you prefer, a biblical reminiscence given by Rozanov under the same pretext: thin cows who eat up the fat ones [16].)

B. Permanent epidemy of energetic vampirism, which destroyed social tissue of Russia: serfdom, GULAG, severe conflicts between soldiers in the army, situation of children. The question is absolutely clear: "Should we tell our children that energetic vampires exist, and teach them how to protect themselves?" (A concept which unites extensive form of the development of science, vampirism, nuclear investigations, UFO was given by Miguel Zerrano [36,53 - 62], v. also [21,2,89 - 131]).


A hunter, drawing his slay, established ether connection with it, a shaman makes energo-information clots solving Turing's test. AI began with hunters and shamans and must end in mathematical constrictive.

"Where is force, there master becomes NUMBER:
as it has more force
Friedrich Nietzsche [12,2,134]


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