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Vladimir Astachine

I'm artific, e.g. specialist in artificial intelligence. What is AI? I collect, develop and classificed definition and fundamental trought about AI: database Sotnitza AI (Senturia) (begin from work prof. Negrotti "100 definidion of AI" 1991). (1991 curr.)

How working AI? I think that understanding working in AI based on Kant's idea of "Kritik der Reinen Vernunf" about ABSTRACT MIND. Only after Kant's elevation mind in abstract level we can working in fields of AI. Abstraction of mind is closely bind up with geometry of intellect, nature and power of symbol. Conception of geometric - tenzor - molecular - Frege/Leibnitz|Turing - AI - machine - with - perspective - going - to - catch - root - natural_language (alltimes).

Whats is my projects in USSR? Always I working single or with 1-2 helper and developed project to stage before industial distribution. But this project not had support by the soviet brass and after s.c. new russians. Any organizations, projects, interest works alltimes in all country not have any path. All serious AI technology was in past and are today is stoped. (With extenuatuin was possible working only with Common Lisp. Prolog I think is very poor for the creative and broad technology.)

Why? I was develop project "Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology in Context of Russian Idea" (AI_NANO) for understanding cathegory INNOVATION in Russia (near 200 page) (1995 curr.).

When AI will can realized? In project AI_NANO I investigate onthological cause, big eonic (ancient greece termin for historic- time unity) cicle origin of AI (attention: not AI-science, but AI-lived) etc. I proof some onthological approach in little project/book "ESTRANOMO: Knowledge Based System for Understanding of Portugal" (hand write color text-graphic album 20 pages) (2000) Appoach parallel to IEEE Standart of Upper Onthology.

In Department of Fundamental Problem of Institute of Technology I develop conception (only conception, as not have computer) Data Base / Knowledge Base all aspects and perspectives of Printed Board Circuit. (From this time I was begun interest nanotechnology.) In this conception was collect; systematized all material-technology- equpment information items for PCB, knowledge and expirence of personal. Volume of this work conceptaul map of PBC branch (near 300 hunred item, 4 level) and text 3 page. (1987).

Little project: jumping autonomous mechnism. Simple prototype 1985-1986.

In silicon design bureau I begin work from development little project muLisp online full text Help system for domestic IC design ARIS (1989). This project/program has mean as first step to Knowlwde Base of analog IC design. Some analog system for SPICE - NECTAR.

Little project data base with sophisticated interface and consult support for on-line forming technical requirement for semicustom digital IC (dBase IV). Include topical map of all electronics (1990).

Little project: proto-Knowledge Base for IC-design (ADC convertor, power supply). Include interface (WEB-like) data base rule of design, library best scheme, thesaurus and other factography (dBase IV) (1989 1992).

Little project: control systen for gas furnice. Object based software on near 30 signal, 70 situation of control (Pascal) (1993).

Little projects: databases for shop, trade firm etc (dBase IV, Fox, SQL, C, CorelDraw etc) (1991 curr)

VHDL-A(naliser). Big conception - big project: VHDL Knowledge Base. System for understanding huge VHDL system (with perspective enlarge to understanding of Ada and machine code). Begin work in silicon firm, continue in software firm. (1991 1995). Has some parallel with understandind and reengineering of large COBOL code.

VHDL-A has perspective alltimes developed functional direction:

- VHDL symbolic representetion in Common Lisp (realized full)

- VHDL parser in Common Lisp (realized full)

- proto knowledge base consulting in current parsing (Common Lisp+DB) (realized full)

- dynamic data base VHDL-project (Common Lisp) (realized full)

- VHDL tesaurus (realised full, 500 term, connect to DB of rule, etc)

- interface symbolic representation of VHDL-project (realized full)

- data base rule of design, error processing, code statistic, etc (150 rule)

- visualisation of VHDL project (conception, technical requirement, algorithm etc)

- groupware for VHDL project (on base of dynamic DB of project - conception)

- conception intergration all life-cycle of big electronic systems on base of KEE technology

- and ocean other possibilities.


In USSR, and now in Russian is not exist national wide public database. Is best in world technical information institute (VINITI - analog Turing Institute England) and institute of social information (INION analog Brookins Institute, California ), but not exist database for practical using.

Alltime I develop databases, load its valueblest items which will be fundament of knowledge base.

All this database and Lisp infrastructure intended for transforming in Knowlewdge Engineerin Environment (IntelliCorp).

"Thesaurus" semantic net like system, content near 2.000 termin in:


- IC-desigh (ADC/ACD convertor, power suply IC)

- Software technology

Each termin has many-type content rich link with other termin, database rule of design, factographical database etc. (1989 1995).

Linear 3-level database Topical indexing key words with aphoristic fragment from principal text in AI, technological development, links to oter text and DB, etc. (1995 curr.)

Data base rule of design digital, analog IC, software, VHDL. Near 300 high level, very valuable euristics, rule of desigh (1989 1995).

Topical map:

- PBC (1985 1987)

- electronic (1990)

- algebraic geometry (1995).

Sotniza AI (see above).

Sorry for poor English.

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