Expierence and Interest
in Artifical Intelligence


Mathematical logic


- Leibnitz

- Kant

AI literarure


Algebro-Geometric foundation of intellect

- space, topological nature of intellectual operation

- Knowledge Base of geometric theory

- AI in Russia

Almanach "Artifical Intellect" (89-95)

Project "Artifical Intelligence and Nanotechnology in Context of Russian Idea" (from 1994)


AI in design and manufacturing

Organisation of metallwork

- robotic

- mechanotronic

Knowledge Base of printed board circuit


Knowledge Base of design of VLSI, VHDL-design (program understanding; visualization)

Analizing, Pattern Recognition Reuters, Dow Jones information streams.

Medical Standards: HL7; SNOMED. Free medical system VistA

Navigation system global information structure.

Vladimir Astachine


Geometry-algebraic structure of brain

Science visualisation

Intellectual nature of space (space nature of intellect)

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